Install Veriscope

The default method to install Veriscope is to use Veriscope Infrastructure as Code (IaC) which uses AWS, Terraform, and Ansible. This is the recommended approach. And gives you the benefit of not having to manage the creation of SSH keys, EC2 instances, users, etc. before you can install Veriscope.

Alternatively, you can use our legacy bash Veriscope Install Script, however, note that this is more involved and will require you to set-up and manage infrastructure yourself.

To install Veriscope using the Install Script, you first need to provision a machine/server that:

  1. Is reachable over the internet on ports 80 and 443

  2. Has a DNS name that points to it (e.g.

It is recommended to use Ubuntu 20.04 with the following hardware, at a minimum:

  • 8+ GiB of RAM

  • 2x CPU cores

  • 50 GB Storage space (PROD need 150+GB)

To install Veriscope using the IAC, you can select the type of AWS machine that:

  • t3.medium (minimum)

  • t3.large (suggest)

  • 50 GB Storage space (PROD need 150+GB)