Check the status of your Veriscope instances (Nethermind and Web)

Before using your Veriscope instance, it is recommended to check the following:

  • Check that your Nethermind node is at the tip of the chain:

  • Log-in to your Veriscope web-application and:

    • Check that you can load your Trust Anchor Account

    • Check that your Trust Anchor is verified and has a non-zero SHFT token balance

    • Check that all Blockchain "Events" (i.e. Attestations, Verified Trust Anchors, etc.) have been downloaded. See note below.

    • Create an API Token (for use with the Veriscope Postman Collection)

    • Add a Webook URL and secret (required). For testing purposes, you can create a free webhook URL at

Downloading Blockchain "Events" onto your Veriscope instance isn’t automated yet, hence you must Refresh Events using our Postman Collection and the following endpoint:


This should be done after you have confirmed that your Nethermind node is at the tip of the chain (first point above).

If you run into difficulties with the above, please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide or contact us via your preferred channel (email, Slack, Telegram).

Once you have completed the above, follow our Integration and Testing Guide for next steps.