Welcome to Shyft Network User-Signing Docs

Shyft User Signing is now live! You can checkout a demo here. This documentation will guide you through the process of integrating Shyft User Signing into your VASP’s website.

What is Shyft User Signing?

Shyft Network offers the ability for VASPs to obtain cryptographic proof of user ownership of a wallet address. This is useful for a number of reasons, but the primary use case is to help VASPs comply with the FATF Travel Rule. The FATF Travel Rule requires VASPs to share information about the originator and beneficiary of VASP-to-VASP transactions and to verify the ownership of wallet addresses in the case of VASP-to-non-VASP transactions.

  • In the case of VASP-to-VASP transactions, Veriscope - Shyft Network’s Travel Rule compliance solution - provides a mechanism for VASPs to share the required via a secure, encrypted channel between VASPs.

  • In the case of VASP-to-non-VASP transactions, Shyft User-Signing provides a mechanism for VASPs to verify the ownership of wallet addresses. This documentation focuses on this particular use-case.

Shyft User Signing is a web application that is hosted by Shyft Network. VASPs direct their users to the web application which guides users through the process of signing a message with their wallet address. The application then redirects user back to the VASPs website.

The current version requires a browser redirect. A future version might include an SDK for VASPs to embed the application within their own website so that users don’t need to be redirected. If this is of interest to you, please let us know.