How to create an API Access Token

There are a number of API requests available which can be authenticated via an API token. Follow the guide below to create and manage your API token before integrating any of the available API requests.

1. Log-in to the Veriscope Web-App

Enter your Email address and Password to login.


2. Backoffice

Choose the Hamburger menu on the right hand side of the screen and select Backoffice.

hamburger menu

3. API tokens

Choose Hamburger menu again and select API Tokens.

hamburger menu
api token

4. Create a token

Choose Create Token button on the left side of the page to create a new token.

create token

5. Copy tokens

Once you have created a token, you can choose Copy Token to save it to your browser clipboard. You can then use that token elsewhere, e.g. in the Veriscope Postman Collection.

copy token