Generate a Trust Anchor Account

This guide outlines how to create a Shyft wallet and account (public/private key pair) for use on the Shyft Network, testnet and mainnet.

Anyone with the private key can recreate the wallet account, withdraw funds, and post data on-chain. Please protect it!


  • Download MetaMask for Chrome

  • Once installed, click Get Started and follow the instructions to set-up a Wallet

  • Once your Wallet is set-up, add the relevant chain:

  • For testnet, use: rpc:, chain ID: 11437 (0x2cad)

  • For mainnet, use: rpc:, chain ID 7341 (0x1cad)

  • Once a chain has been added, create a new account. This is your Trust Anchor account.

  • Request the Veriscope team to onboard your account on testnet and/or mainnet. This will enable you to post transactions to the network.

  • Fund Your Wallet with native SHFT tokens (not SHFT-ERC20 on Ethereum).

  • For testnet, contact the Veriscope team

  • For mainnet, see our guide on How to acquire native SHFT tokens

Next, schedule a call with the Veriscope team to discuss posting data on-chain.