Veriscope Install Script

If you can’t use Deploy Veriscope to a dedicated Veriscope Server using Terraform and Ansible, you can install Veriscope using the Install Script detailed here.

To install Veriscope using the Install Script, you first need to provision a machine/server that:

  1. Is reachable over the internet on ports 80 and 443

  2. Has a DNS name that points to it (e.g.

It is recommended to use Ubuntu 20.04 (Not Ubuntu Pro, just original Ubuntu) with the following hardware, at a minimum:

  • 8+ GiB of RAM

  • 2x CPU cores

  • 50 GB Storage space (PROD need 150+GB)

Once Veriscope is installed, run the following to check that ports are as expected:

sudo apt install net-tools
sudo netstat -tulpn

The following information will be generated during the installation process and will be required in subsequent steps. It is important this information is stored & shared securely.

  1. Node http url (i.e.

  2. Trust anchor account public/private key pair

  3. Trust anchor dashboard login credentials. The Veriscope web-app will be hosted at the node http url above once the node installation is complete.

Active testnet nodes can be viewed at