How to acquire native SHFT tokens

Shyft Network Tokens (SHFT), used to fuel Veriscope transactions on the Shyft Network blockchain, can be purchased either through third party cryptocurrency exchanges or via our Partner OTC desk.

There are two types of SHFT token: Native SHFT and Wrapped SHFT. Both tokens are ERC-20 tokens, however, the latter is a wrapped version on Ethereum. It is important to acquire Native SHFT tokens for use with Veriscope and the Shyft Network.

Native SHFT can be purchased via the exchanges listed here: Coingecko SHFT Markets[1]

If you would like to purchase Native SHFT tokens via our Partner OTC desk, please contact [email protected] and we will make a direct introduction.

1. Exchanges on which SHFT is available are independent third parties over which we have no control and accordingly assume no responsibility or liability for your use of same. We recommend that purchasers of SHFT carefully review the terms of use of any exchange or trading platform before making trades on such exchanges or platforms.