Prepare to access your Bastion machine

a) Refer to Terraform Output

Shyft Network Bastion users need to reference the Terraform Output published on the Veriscope Bastions wiki. If you can’t find your specific Bastion, please contact your infrastructure administrator.

Values in the output - for your specific Bastion - will be used in the following sections.

b) Update vars.yaml

From the root of the repository (~/veriscope_bastions), navigate to:

cd ansible/playbooks

And update vars.yaml with the following values from the output:

  • ssh_priv_key_secret_name

  • sg_id_ssm_param_name

  • lambda_func_arn_ssm_param_name

Make sure the path names and following AWS values are correct:

  • aws_region: us-east-1

  • aws_profile: default