Generate a Trust Anchor Account

TODO * metamask * testnet * mainnet * request to be verified * request token balance

This guide outlines how to create a Shyft wallet and account (public/private key pair) for use on the Shyft Network.

Anyone with the private key can recreate the wallet account, withdraw funds, and post data on-chain. Please protect it!

Create a Trust Anchor Account

Download MetaMask for Chrome

Once installed, click [Get Started]

Then select: Yes, let’s get set-up!

Etc. as per the screen-shots below (this is just a placeholder)

… Once your wallet is set-up, connect to Shyft Testnet or Shyft Mainnet

Fund Your Wallet with native SHFT tokens (not SHFT-ERC20 on Ethereum)

Request your wallet to be onboarded & verified

Schedule a call with the Veriscope team to discuss posting data on-chain

Posting data on-chain Navigate to the TrustAnchorExtraData_Unique contract via the relevant block explorer and select [Connect Wallet]. This contract enables you to post data on-chain, against your trust anchor account.

Testnet TrustAnchorExtraData_Unique (0xC6a080668A62F35687EDBb69B102B3a3766b51a8)

Mainnet TrustAnchorExtraData_Unique (0xEA64A26723C779dEE63ba3Fbc1021b87e9E71568)

Choose MetaMask

More instructions to follow, i.e. how to set new key value pairs

Other things to consider (to coincide with phase 3) Travel Rule Protocols and Endpoints



Contact Information




IVMS101 data (expand below for details)