Step 3 - User Onboarding

In order to set Attestations for crypto transactions, TAs need to create unique user accounts on the Shyft Network for every user on their VASP platform.

The process is the same as creating a new TA account on the network, however without the onboarding or verifying steps.

// node -e 'require("./vs-sdk").trustAnchorCreateUserAccount()'
module.exports.trustAnchorCreateUserAccount = function () {

The above function call of trustAnchorCreateAccount executes the following code:

function trustAnchorCreateUserAccount() {
var result = web3.eth.accounts.create();

You should receive a JSON response:

address: '0xde6DfBCdb8d79340a13046b2e4eAFC13Cb7C3567',
privateKey: '0xd2655ded07d73125c379d3a2e52f94f4ba5970805712d787e60642dab0fa5d8e',
signTransaction: [Function: signTransaction],
sign: [Function: sign],
encrypt: [Function: encrypt]

NOTE: Save this address and private key.