Veriscope Implementation Checklists for VASPs

Install Veriscope (Phase 0)

Start by installing Veriscope. If you have a machine provisioned, this should take no-longer than ~30-60 minutes.

  • Provision a machine that is reachable over the internet on ports 80 and 443 and has a DNS name that points to it

  • Follow the installation guide and install Veriscope via the set-up script

  • Load all blockchain data onto your host

  • Sign and return the Shyft Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Sign and return the Veriscope Trust Anchor Agreement. Available on request.

  • Request your trust anchor account to be verified on testnet

Phase 1 - POST

  • Log-in to the Veriscope Web Application and post your VASP Discovery Layer data on-chain

  • Explore the Veriscope APIs Postman Collection

  • Implement logic to post attestations

Phase 2 - LISTEN

  • Start listenting to attestations on addresses that you own

  • Engage with your peers and discuss how to share IVMS data

Phase 3 - RESPOND

  • Log-in to the Veriscope Web Application and complete your VASP IVMS Profile

  • Test the end-to-end flow (including peer-to-peer data transfer) using the Veriscope (Postman Collection)

  • Understand the Veriscope state machines and webhook events/statuses

  • Finalize your backend/server-side discuss and optionally discuss it with the Veriscope team

  • Implement logic to respond to attestations and transfer data peer-to-peer

  • Schedule a demo and walkthrough with the Veriscope team

  • Conduct an end-to-end test with the Veriscope team and at least one other VASP

  • Sign and return the Veriscope Information Form (VIF). Available on request.

  • Acquire SHFT native tokens

  • Ensure your production/mainnet infrastructure is secure and update environment variables

  • Request to be onboarded & verified on mainnet

  • (Optional) Request DLA Piper verification and attestation on-chain

Moving to Shyft Mainnet

Once you have successfully tested the end-to-end flow with both Veriscope and at least one other VASP, you can request to be onboarded to mainnet. Please reach-out to your Veriscope contact or email [email protected].

Each VASP must sign & return a Veriscope Information Form (VIF) before being onboarded to mainnet. This is available on request.